Gapanbulu Yunupingu Traditional Yidaki, Didgeridoo in D# (2)

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This is one of the typical Yidaki made by Gapanbulu around 2002-2005. The instrument was owned by a deep enthusiast who rarely used it.

For those unfamiliar with the main characteristics of the Yidaki, they usually have great backpressure and a loud, powerful, and rich sound due to their quite conical inner shape.
This instrument exemplifies these features perfectly.

One of the simplest decorations, typical of the maker, highlights the shape and wonderful texture of the Eucalyptus.

This is a must for a Yidaki lover


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CONDITIONS: Like new. Pretty never used

Gapanbulu Yunupingu is a respected and ceremonial yiḏaki (didgeridoo) player from the Gumatj clan of the Yolŋu people in northeast Arnhem Land, NT, Australia. Trained by the late Mr. Munuŋgurr from an early age, Yunupingu, along with other boys, became a skilled ceremonial yiḏaki player. He was a member of the indigenous Australian band “Yothu Yindi” and notably performed yiḏaki at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000.


Traditional Yidakis are crafted from branches of eucalyptus trees naturally hollowed by termites. This natural process is crucial, creating an ideal hollow tube for sound production. Skilled makers select the wood carefully, working on its shape and inner surface to achieve the desired sound.

Design and Decorations

Yidakis often feature painted or engraved decorations with cultural and spiritual meanings. These designs can represent Dreamtime stories, clan symbols, or elements related to the land.

Ceremonial Use

In Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land, the Yidaki is frequently used in ceremonial contexts, playing an integral role in dances, songs, and rituals connected to spirituality and a sense of connection to the land.

Cultural Significance

Beyond being a musical instrument, the Yidaki holds profound cultural and spiritual significance for the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land. It is seen as a bridge between the human world and the spiritual realm, often accompanied by traditional chants, dances, and stories.

Didjeridu and Yidaki

While the term “didgeridoo” is broadly used for this instrument, many prefer “Yidaki” when referring specifically to the version used by the Yolngu Aboriginals in Arnhem Land. This distinction respects the cultural diversity among Aboriginal communities and recognizes regional specificities.

The Yidaki thus represents not only a musical instrument but also a conduit for the culture, spirituality, and history of the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land.

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