Termite-Hollowed Eucalyptus Didgeridoo – KEY: C# – from Australia by “Stix”, Robbie Hantelmann

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Termite-Hollowed Eucalyptus Didgeridoo from Australia. This eucalyptus didgeridoo boasts a unique and captivating look and shape, distinguished by its rarity and generous dimensions. Despite the key of C#, its large bore allows a shorter length than usual, 134cm

The larger size contributes to a warm and enveloping sound that resonates deeply, creating a connection to the earth.
On the other hand, the Back pressure is not at the same level as our Windproject didgeridoo which would be at least 50cm longer.

The instrument produces a rich, full-bodied tone that is both soothing and powerful, making it ideal for grounding rhythms and meditative playing.

The natural warmth of the sound, coupled with its impressive resonance, ensures an immersive auditory experience that is both profound and spiritually uplifting.
Perfect for both performance and personal practice, this didgeridoo stands out for its exceptional acoustic qualities and earthy, resonant sound.

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CONDITIONS: Like new. Pretty never used

Robbie Hantelmann, also known as “Stix,” is an Australian didgeridoo maker renowned for his craftsmanship.

He learned the art of making didgeridoos from Bob Druett in the early 2000s. Hantelmann’s work is distinguished by two distinct periods: the initial phase (2006-2010), which produced highly regarded instruments, and a later phase (2011-2012), where the quality became more variable.

Despite this, his didgeridoos are still valued, especially those from the earlier period. Hantelmann’s instruments are appreciated for their sound quality and are suitable for both beginners and professionals.