The Smartphone Talk Box – So Simple. Do It! yourself and add your overtones to your fave song.

How to play the TalkBox with your mobile phone for free! The Talkbox is an analogic effect that allows the musician to modify the harmonic structure of the musical instrument’s color tone.
It was invented in 1969. What is normally done with the talkbox, the didgeridoo player does it while playing. At the same time, it is not usually possible to add a talk box to the didgeridoo except with this experiment. I wish you like it.
The initial song was recorded with “Reverse” the sax shape didgeridoo by Windproject: Link

From an original idea of Emanuele Boaglio

Obviously it is possible to use it with any mobilephone, android, Iphone, etc.
No app is necessary It works like overtone / throat singing that you probably have listened somewere around in festival or on the net, but this is easier.

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Andrea Ferroni