Ansgar Stein suona KICK STARTER, Didgeridoo Windproject

The best didgeridoo for our association members Didgeridoo Windproject –
Model: Kick Starter
Keynote: E Toot: E
Length: 160cm Bell: 8cm Mouthpiece: 30mm
Material: natural colored wood

Why do we offer it as the best possible didgeridoo for talented players?
for 3 features:
– the material: simply the most popular, affordable and that can be decorated by your own
– tonality and timbre: the most common and flexible to practice many of the commonly used techniques, perfect for learning but also for playing in concert
– the contribution: in itself, it has a low cost.

By proposing a single model without variants, we are able to offer it to our members for a limited contribution that will be used for membership purposes.

Why you should choose it:
– for the best quality/cost ratio, absolutely unparalleled
– for the 5
-year guarantee
– for the possibility of returning it used with a guaranteed value of 50% if in good condition
– for the Windproject assistance in case of need
– for the free material that Windproject makes available online to students and enthusiasts:
1. an entire book “The Didgeridoo Discovery”
2. the articles on
3. the video tutorials on Youtube
4. the FB group “DIDGERIDOO FORUM ITALIA” and more The page for more info about this instrument and membership:

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Andrea Ferroni