Traditional Yidaki from Arnhem Land, Australia. Didgeridoo sounds by Ansgar Stein

Ansgar Stein is a professional didgeridoo player for more than 25 years from Germany.
In this video, he’s playing three great traditional didgeridoos we have in our association:
– The first one is a Djalu stick about 20 years old but still great and rarely used. Djalu Gurruwiwi is a Yolngu man from Arnhem Land in northern Australia, known worldwide for his skill as a player, maker and spiritual keeper of the yiḏaki (didgeridoo). He is also a respected artist, with works in several galleries. More info:
– The second one is a traditional Yidaki. Made by Judy Manany Gurruwiwi. It is about 12 years old but it is in mint condition since the previous owner never really played.
– The third one is a very old traditional instrument, made by Wilingarr Makani in 1969. The previous owner was Willi Grimm, a professional didgeridoo player, teacher, and organizer from Switzerland. More info: The instrument is available for Arti e Tradizioni association members. Find the contacts below for more information.

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Andrea Ferroni