SONORUS Didgeridoo in D and in E, the new Windproject serie. Played by Ansgar Stein

Ansgar Stein is a professional didgeridoo player for more than 25 years from Germany.
In this video, he’s playing SONORUS, the new series of Windproject Didgeridoo, conical shape, wide spectrum that creates a richer color tone, incredibly soft and deep toot. It is suitable for traditional playing as well as contemporary style.
Designed using an acoustic simulator software, produced with CNC milling machining, handmade finishing.
The idea is to replicate the best shapes following continuous improvements. This shape was modified through 20 years, step by step, to obtain this result.
Keynote: E
Length: 165 cm
Mouthpiece: 30 mm
Bell: 11 cm

Keynote: D
Length: 180 cm
Mouthpiece: 30 mm
Bell: 11 cm

Hope you like them. For more info about the instruments:

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