The didgeridoo for the members of “Arti e Tradizioni.”

The World Easiest Didgeridoo to Start playing

Choosing your first didgeridoo might seem a bit intricate, but don’t worry, it’s not at all difficult. The issue is that we often aren’t well-prepared to understand whether the new instrument will truly support us in our training, especially when tackling seemingly more complex techniques like circular breathing. It’s always essential to assess the quality-to-price ratio, especially when starting out and on a limited budget.

If you’ve already purchased an inexpensive didgeridoo made of bamboo, plastic, or teak from Amazon or some large online store, you’ve probably noticed how challenging, if not impossible, it can be to perform circular breathing with those instruments.

Perhaps the price was very appealing, but in the end, you risk having to spend on a more expensive instrument or giving up playing altogether.

Alternatively, you might have come across some didgeridoos with exorbitant price tags. Well, let me tell you: in some cases, they might be worth that amount, but not always, and certainly not until you acquire more skills. I’m not saying this to discourage you from pursuing this path; you know me, and you know that I could create instruments with incredibly intricate shapes and geometries, thanks to a CNC machine worth over €15,000, the same one I used for the wooden Kickstarter project, or based on complex acoustic studies that all my instruments, including the Kickstarter, benefit from. Simply put, for now, I believe it would be an unnecessary cost. If we have a budget, let’s use it for lessons and maybe in the future, gift ourselves an instrument that is genuinely chosen with a clear mind.

But, enough of the chit-chat, let’s get to the point.

Right now, you need a didgeridoo that is super easy to play and, at the same time, versatile, suitable for most techniques used by experienced musicians. And listen, even though someone promises otherwise, I assure you that there is no magic instrument that works for all styles. It’s like trying to find a perfect motorcycle for both racing on the track and climbing mountains.

This project and my experience and support aim to raise funds for the “Arti e Tradizioni” association. For over 20 years, we have been financing projects such as books, CDs, workshops, video interviews, tutorials, and reviews (we possess Italy’s largest archive of didgeridoo documentation).

Here’s what I propose:


Didgeridoo Windproject – Model: Kick Starter
Note: E
Toot: E
Length: 160cm
Bell: 8cm
Mouthpiece: 30mm
Material: Black fiberglass / natural wood color

Why are we offering it? For three reasons:

  • Because it’s incredibly easy to play, in the future, you can choose to challenge yourself further, but this will literally take you by the hand.
  • Color/Material: Simply the most requested and easily decoratable.
  • Pitch and timbre: The most common and flexible for practicing many commonly used techniques, perfect for learning but also for playing in concerts.
  • The contribution: Already, it has a low cost. By offering only one model without variations, we can provide it to our members at a reasonable contribution, which will be used for the association’s purposes.

Why should you choose it:

  • Because it’s incredibly easy to play, a significant aid for circular breathing and complex technique execution.
  • Because you will stop running out of breath, feeling fatigued, and experiencing all the frustration of wanting to learn while your instrument doesn’t cooperate.
  • Because it’s the choice of important and qualified musicians like Paride Russo, Carlo Cattano, Mark Atkins, Filippo Yidaki, and many others. You can find videos at the bottom of the page.
  • For the quality-to-cost ratio, absolutely unmatched.
  • For the 5-year warranty.
  • For the possibility of returning it used with a guaranteed 50% value if in good condition.
  • For Windproject’s assistance if needed.
  • For the free material that Windproject provides online to students and enthusiasts: a whole book, “The Didgeridoo Discovery,” articles on, video tutorials on YouTube, the Facebook group “DIDGERIDOO FORUM ITALIA.”
YouTube player
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For the 2023 membership campaign of the “Arti e Tradizioni” association, the contributions requested are as follows:

Fiberglass didgeridoo: €219
Fiberglass didgeridoo + 1 hour of online lessons: €254
Fiberglass didgeridoo + 6 hours of online lessons: €389

Wooden didgeridoo: €249
Wooden didgeridoo + 1 hour of online lessons: €284
Wooden didgeridoo + 6 hours of online lessons: €419

In case of shipping, the cost is €20.

NB: The funds raised are used to promote our activities, purchase equipment and materials, and support association expenses. We do not sell directly to individuals or stores.

STILL UNDECIDED!? Send us an email, let us know if you’d like to be called back to provide you with all the necessary details.

For information, subscriptions, and availability, send an email to:

or call, WhatsApp, Telegram: 3385812914

For WhatsApp, you’ll find the icon at the bottom right.

The sooner you start, the sooner you learn 😉

But can it really be used for many techniques?

For example, I preferred to use the wooden one to create a series of various tutorials, from the first sound with the didgeridoo, circular breathing, the first sounds, and rhythms with the didgeridoo. This was done to cater to students who could better compare their sound with mine during their exercises. It’s the basic instrument I use for all my private lessons. If I chose different instruments during the lesson, could I be credible?

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Audio of the resin didgeridoo:

Audio of the wooden didgeridoo compared with the fiberglas one:

Here are some examples from different musicians who use it live:
Paride Russo – Musician and Teacher

“A very versatile instrument, so much so that you can play various techniques, even the traditional ones, which are my favorites, they come out much better! An instrument that I perceive as high quality, and it’s also very lightweight, which is a very important factor for me.”

Grég Kameni Patuljak – Owner at Didgeridoo Passion France

Carlo Cattano – musician and teacher

Filippo Yidaki – musician whid a deep passion for traditional aboriginal music

“This instrument is very versatile and can be played in various ways, including in the traditional style of Northeast Arnhem Land.”

YouTube player

Fiorino Fiorini – musician and Artist Director of Didjin’oz festival