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Staccato for Didgeridoo

Staccato serves as one of the foundational rhythmic techniques, employed not only in playing the didgeridoo but also in various other wind instruments.
This video will expertly guide you through the process of learning this technique step by step. While it’s often considered one of the simplest techniques, achieving a clean sound and impeccable dynamics requires dedicated practice and refinement. Hre you’ll get some trick do learn it quickly.

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Advanced Staccato for Didgeridoo

In this lesson, we delve into the intricate rhythmical pattern of one of my most renowned songs: “Dynamic.” It’s a challenging one! If you’re not afraid to push your boundaries and take on a rewarding challenge, then this lesson is a must for you.
Don’t worry, I will follow step by step as usual. We practice at first on sounds, then on smaller patterns and so on.

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Throat Technique for Didgeridoo

When utilizing the throat technique, a didgeridoo player can create rhythmic patterns by pulsating the air flow through the instrument. By using specific throat movements, they can create a staccato or percussive effect, adding harmonic sound it’s possible to create sounds similar to electronic beats or loops.

Especially, this technique enables the didgeridoo player to produce harmonic lines independent of the rhythmic patterns. By adjusting the resonance in their vocal tract, they can play melodic or harmonic sequences concurrent with the rhythmic patterns. These melodic elements often lead to a unique and somewhat electronic effect, creating layers of sound that resemble synthesized or modified electronic sounds.

The experience of Sue Neal “Well I admit to practicing for a bit and then continuing on with the video…I’ve wanted to learn this technique of yours for so long that I couldn’t help myself.
The video was very clear and straightforward. I admire how simply you laid out each of the steps in a progressive way. This helped me check my understanding and ability at every stage of the way to the final goal.”

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Repertory and composition

Preview soon available: Unlock your creative potential with this lesson, especially for beginners! This unique program is designed to assist you in discovering your personal patterns, empowering you to craft new ones. Ultimately, you’ll be guided through the process of crafting musical structures to compose your very first song. Building a repertoire progressively will not only enhance your musical enjoyment but also elevate your practice sessions, preventing monotony by introducing refreshing rhythms and variations.

To request the lessons, you can write to info@didgeridoo.it or through WhatsApp, which you can find in the bottom right corner.

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